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Maxwell stood by his bedside in the lavish traditional robes he favored—so much easier to hide the girth that his gluttony had resulted in—diamonds and gold twinkling from every finger and from chains around his neck. Cologne wafted from his bloated body in such intensity that the old man thought he might vomit. Fragrances for men are a staple of a well put together man since the days of old. It has been instilled in men that a woman can't resist a gentleman that smells good, but this has changed drastically over the years. For many, there's an era of men's colognes that changed the playing field forever. Here's a list of classics that . 26 Nov Every time I stroll down the men's grooming aisle at my local drugstore to pick up some deodorant or Brylcreem, I can't help but notice the shelves of colognes and aftershaves. Gillette's green and blue goo aftershaves seem to sell well, as do the notorious AXE body sprays. However, as my eyes drift down.

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